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Have you managed to book the 1:100 discount? The offer ends on 30 June

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Dear investors and partners!

On 30 June at 23:59 (GMT+3) the investment offer «STEP-UP 2021» with the discount up to 1:100 expires.

Thanks to the anti-crisis offer, you can significantly increase your share in the Project on favourable terms until 30 June:

– $50 per month by installment for 12 months at the discount up to 1:60

– $600 as the lump sum payment at the 1:60 discount

– $100 per month by installment for 12 months at the discount up to 1:100

– $1200 as the lump sum payment at the 1:100 discount

The number of lump investments and open installments on the offer «STEP-UP 2021» until 30 June is unlimited. The discount 1:100 is fixed for the entire time of payments by installment. Even when the stage changes, you will continue to pay the open installment at the discount of 1:100.

Last time, such high discounts were in 2017, when the investment risks were much higher. Take advantage of the remaining time and register a package at the unique discount for this stage. You can make at least 1 payment on any installment until 30 June and fix the high discount for yourself on this installment for a year ahead! You can take advantage of the offer «STEP-UP 2021» in your SWC personal office in the section «My Investments» – «Invest».

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