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The third conference «Non-Rocket Industrialization of Near Space: Problems, Ideas, Projects»

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On 12 September, in the SkyWay Testing Centre in Belarus, there was held III International Scientific and Technical Conference«Non-Rocket Industrialization of Near Space: Problems, Ideas, Projects». Inventors, scientists and representatives of public organizations from different countries took part in the conference.

One of the main topics of the conference was the industrialization of space with the help of the General Planetary Vehicle (GPV). We remind you that the GPV is the space transport for delivery of cargoes from the Earth to the orbit by the non-rocket method.

The author of the GPV project Anatoli Unitsky made a speech at the conference and delivered the report: «Technosphere 2.1 – Reset in the Earth Industry to the Cosmic Vector of Development». The other topics of the conference were as follows:

  • Relay Principle of Radio Communication for Predicting and Preventing Threats to Humanity in the Deep Space.
  • Legal Aspects of International Cooperation in Space Exploration.
  • Feasibility Study of the Investment Project «Non-Rocket Space Industrialization» as a Tool for Saving the Earth’s Biosphere.
  • Industry 4.0 as a Key Driver of Innovations in Supply Chains for Geospatial Systems.
  • Aquatic Ocean Areas with a Floating Flyover of the General Planetary Vehicle (GPV).
  • The GPV Flyover's Passage through Mountains in South America and Africa.
  • Creating a Mathematical Model of GPV with Position Optimization and Taking into Account the Impact of Dynamic Factors.
  • The GPV's Flywheel Drive and much more.

The first conference on non-rocket industrialization of space was held in 1988 and gathered about 500 participants, including philosophers, economists, sociologists and other specialists of higher schools. The second conference took place in 2019. That time, Anatoli Unitsky presented the project of the General Planetary Vehicle.

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