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SkyWay String Transport
The combination of proven technologies with innovative solutions creates a completely new approach to the transportation of passengers and cargo.
Track Structure

The SkyWay track structure is incredibly simple and extremely effective.

Steel strings are stretched inside the rail, which makes it possible to withstand heavy loads and ensures a high level of smoothness. Thanks to this, the transport accelerates to 500 km/h.

Any communication network can be placed into the SlyWay rails, thus creating a fundamentally new approach of interaction between people.

The anchor supports will lift the SkyWay tracks above the ground, eliminating intersections with any means of transport and providing the highest safety indicators.

Rolling Stock

The SkyWay rolling stock has no analogues in the modern transportation industry. It can be driven by a diesel engine, a turbine, a gasoline engine or an electric motor.

SkyWay vehicles are equipped with an unmanned control system that eliminates the human factor and qualitatively improves safety. The vehicle's aerodynamic properties make it possible to achieve incredible speed indicators combined with the comfort of movement.


The SkyWay transport infrastructure can be built in any locality.The elements of its architecture have a large number of variations, which makes each transport hub unique from a visual and functional point of view.

The project for organizing buildings and transfer stations provides continuous traffic without a timetable. With such planning, passengers will be able to quickly and comfortably use transport without wasting time on waiting.

Technology Advantages
SkyWay cardinally surpasses the existing modes of transport in key indicators
  • the track structure is above the ground which increases safety by about 100 times
  • the anti-derailment system increases safety by another 10 times
  • the automated control system eliminates human factors
Environmental friendliness
  • SkyWay transport runs on electricity, therefore, significantly reduces harmful emissions into the atmosphere
  • the SkyWay’s entire transport infrastructure requires much less materials and raw materials than any other transport.
  • SkyWay can be built in any terrain with any climate, while preserving the natural ecosystem.
  • the cost of building SkyWay tracks is up to 20 times lower than the road construction of any other means of transport.
  • the fuel costs are up to 6 times lower than fuel costs of other types of transport, respectively, the cost of travel and transportation is much lower
Travel speed
  • SkyWay high-speed transport speed is up to 500 km/h: this is twice faster than the fastest Russian train “Sapsan”
  • the SkyWay urban transport reaches speed of 150 km/h: this is twice as fast as buses.
  • the SkyWay cargo transport reaches the speed of up to 150 km/h
SkyWay Types of Transport
SkyWay technology allows to solve any transportation problems: urban communication, cargo transportation and high-speed long-distance travel.

Speed: up to 150 km/h

Capacity: 6-8 people

Performance: up to 50 000 passengers per day


Speed: up to 150 km/h

Capacity: 1-5 people

Performance: up to 20 000 passengers per day

Double-Rail Unibus
Double-Rail Unibus

Speed: up to 150 km/h

Capacity: 7-28 people; in articulated - 84-168 people

Performance: up to 50 000 passengers per day

Mono-Rail Unibus
Mono-Rail Unibus

Speed: up to 150 km/h

Capacity: 3-14 people; in articulated - up to 84 people

Performance: up to 50 000 passengers per day


Speed: up to 150 km/h

Performance: up to 200 ml tons


Speed: up to 80 km/h

Performance: up to 200 ml tons

High-Speed Unibus
High-Speed Unibus

Speed: up to 500 km/h

Capacity: 4-24 people

Performance: up to 500 000 passengers per day

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SkyWay Technology Is World Famous
For 3 years, the SkyWay technology has been presented to the world community at 18 international transport exhibitions.
EcoTechnoPark - the SkyWay Embodiment in Reality
This is the centre for testing, demonstration and certification of the SkyWay transport infrastructure systems. All investments are directed to the construction of the EcoTechnoPark and the works associated with it. Here we show the SkyWay technology to the world.
Cargo Complex Track Structure (600 m)
Urban Monorail Complex. Ascending Section of the Track Structure
Urban Monorail Complex (800 m)
Anchor Support. Passenger Boarding/Disembarking Station
Urban and Accelerating High-Speed Section (1 km)
SkyWay Development Stages
Construction of the EcoTechnopark and SkyWay technology implementation is divided into 15 stages. Currently, stage 13 is being implemented. With each stage, risks for investors are reduced and the company shares are becoming more expensive.

The start date: The end of January 2014

  • The international structure of the SkyWay Group of Companies (hereinafter referred to as “SW”) was formed. Dozens of representative offices of the companies and their structural divisions were created around the world;
  • There was made the investment credit for the previous period to the SW investors
  • There was developed the program for implementing the fourth-generation SW-technology, including the construction of the test sites for freight, urban and high-speed SW systems, their certification and entering the world markets.

The start date: April 2014

  • There was organized a special design and technological bureau with pilot production (SDTB with PP). The first 25 designers became its "core".
  • There were rented the premises for the special design and technological bureau and pilot production (SDTB and PP)
  • There was started work began with the customers and suppliers for creation of the pilot industrial base with three test sections of the SW fourth-generation systems;
  • There were concluded the preliminary contracts on the targeted projects of the international SW systems with the customers from all over the world.
  • There were received the first pre-orders for the development, design and construction of SW-systems and there were made the advance payments for them.
  • There was chosen and legally registered a plot of land for the construction of the pilot industrial base of a company with three test plots of SW systems.

The start date: 20.08.2014

  • There were made the first steps in the development of the design documentation for the test plots of fourth-generation SW systems, which resulted in the expansion of SDTB with PP up to 50 designers;
  • There was established cooperation with the customers and suppliers of equipment, components, units and assemblies;
  • There were launched the design, construction and installation works at the SkyWay pilot industrial base.

The start date: 07.02.2015

  • Negotiations with potential customers of the string transport SW – Department of Transport of Abu-Dhabi Emirate (UAE) have been completed. According to the results of the negotiations, there was developed the concept and plan of construction of the linear city using SkyWay Technologies.
  • CJSC "Unibus" from the SkyWay Group of Companies became a resident of the Mogilev free economic zone.
  • SkyWay Investment Memorandum was published and submitted to the public.
  • The volume of work on the creation of project documentation for test sections of the SW-systems increased. The staff of the Special Design and Technical Bureau with pilot production (SDTB with PP) expanded to 75 designers.
  • There began the creation of the equipment for the pilot industrial development, certification, construction and operation of SkyWay.
  • The construction and assembly works on the creation of the test sections of the SW-systems entered a new stage according to the schedule.

The start date: 04.08.2015

  • The SkyWay Group of Companies acquired for use the land plots in the town of Maryina Gorka (Minsk Region, the Republic of Belarus) to create test complexes of the SW-systems;
  • The opening of the “Zero Kilometer” of the future SkyWay systems took place on the territory of the SW experimental industrial base;
  • The urban suspended SW transport system were successfully tested;
  • A plot of land was selected for the "Unibus" industrial production;
  • There are being held negotiations and preliminary contracts concluded on targeted projects with customers from all over the world.

The start date: 17.12.2015

  • In the workshop of CJSC "String Technologies", there were conducted with excellent results the tests of the existing unibuses models and the SkyWay track structure in the scale of 1:10.
  • The installation works of the SkyWay urban transport complex were completed, the last intermediate support was installed.
  • The Expert Council under the Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation recognized the SkyWay string technology as innovative.
  • CJSC "String Technologies" entered the stage of metal structures prefabrication. After installation at the construction site, string placement and prestressing, they will turn into the rail-string transport system.
  • SkyWay started producing its own string rails

The start date: 08.06.2016

  • The documentation creation for the test complex of the fourth-generation cargo SW-system “Two in One” was completed: The upper part is the products pipeline, the lower part is the suspended unitrucks and unicars.
  • There were installed the reinforced concrete intermediate g-shaped supports of the SkyWay light highway.
  • There was completed the process of foundations construction for the anchor supports of the “light track” at the SkyWay demonstration and certification centre.
  • The freight direction of the SW technologies became a separate structural unit.
  • There was completed the production of the SkyWay passenger, urban and high-speed tracks.
  • The world's largest transport exhibition InnoTrans 2016 was held in Berlin. The SkyWay achievements were presented to global audience the for the first time. Following the exhibition, negotiations are underway with a number of international companies.

The start date: 21.10.2016

  • There was created all the necessary documentation for the test complex of the SW fourth-generation urban system;
  • All welding works were completed successfully and on time during the construction of the SkyWay light track structure;
  • The urban direction of the SW-technologies became a separate structural unit. It undertook the development of new models of the urban mounted and suspended unibuses and unicars, as well as the next generation of urban, developer and infrastructure SW technologies.
  • The unibike chassis was successfully tested in the workshops of the SkyWay pilot production, giving a start to the running tests of its rolling stock at the EcoTechnoPark.
  • The SkyWay rolling stock certification process continued. CJSC "String Technologies" and "Gorelektrotransport Scientific and Technical Centre of the Research Institute" signed a cooperation agreement.
  • CJSC "String Technologies" was awarded with the HR Brand Diploma, which had been given out since 2014 for work on the employer's reputation.
  • There started the creation of the project documentation for the high-speed complex, which increased the staff of the company up to 175 designers.

The start date: 10.03.2017

  • In Indonesia, there was held the International specialized exhibition of transport technology Railway Tech 2017. The SkyWay complex became one of the most remarkable and discussed participants;
  • CJSC "String Technologies" received a large order for the design of the city string transport track in Mogilev (the Republic of Belarus);
  • The SkyWay design organization received a certificate of conformity from the Ministry of Architecture and Construction of the Republic of Belarus, and was certified in the Russian Federation in the voluntary certification system of the Federal Agency for Technical Regulation and Metrology "Innovation of the Year", according to three international assessment standards: IES 210, NESTI and IFRS;
  • The construction, testing and certification of the test complex of the SkyWay light urban system was successfully completed;
  • There was created the first SW technology sales salon for transporting passengers and cargo in the city;
  • There was held the demonstration of the operating SkyWay innovative urban transport complex;
  • At the SkyWay EcoTechnoPark, there were conducted the unibus running tests on the sagging track structure.

The start date: 21.09.2017

  • SkyWay enlarged the floor area for the production of the rolling stock components and metal construction of the track structure.
  • Production workshops were equipped with modern equipment, and there were introduced the advanced digital design and development platforms to accompany the first commercial projects.
  • There were built and are currently operated several types of tracks (urban, light urban and super-light) on the territory of the EcoTechnoPark, and the construction of the freight transport complex is under way.
  • The EcoTechnoPark objects (transport facilities, utilities and exhibition copies of the string communication systems) were registered in the Register of the Republic of Belarus.
  • Unibike and unibus, the first industrial designs of the SkyWay rolling stock, were certified.
  • There was assembled a unicar, which, is being prepared for running tests alongside with the unitruck and double-rail unibus at the EcoTechnoPark.
  • The works continue on the creation of the high-speed unibus. The premiere of the first industrial design is to be presented at the exhibition “Innotrans 18”.
  • SkyWay participates in major transport exhibitions: International Railway Equipment Exhibition, XI International specialized exhibition “Transport and Logistics-2017”, XI International Exhibition “Transport of Russia 2017”.
  • The SkyWay quality management system confirmed compliance with the requirements of the international standard ISO 9001: 2015 and the national standard of the Republic of Belarus STB ISO 9001-2015.

The start date:

  • In April 2018, SkyWay overleaped from the 10th to the 12th stage of development!
  • A growing number of partners, continuous work of designers, engineers and other SkyWay specialists allowed the company to complete the projects of the 11th stage ahead of schedule and immediately go to the 12th stage.
  • Watch the video interview with SkyWay General Designer Anatoliy Yunitskiy. who is commenting on the rapid transition to the 12th stage of development.

The start date: 26.04.2018

  • The EcoTechnoPark was visited by several high-ranking guests at a time: the Minister of Territory, Environment and Tourism, the government delegation from the United Arab Emirates and San Marino, and representatives of Ekaterinburg Mayor's Office.
  • At the EcoTechnoPark, there began the acceptance tests of Unicar, the SkyWay new industrial design of the rolling stock.
  • The SkyWay design organization took part in the 3rd International Transport Congress and Exhibition (SITCE) in Singapore.
  • There began the acceptance tests of the innovative industrial design of a double-rail unibus U4-220-T2 with a total capacity of 48 people.


  • The construction completion of the pilot and production base of the SW system test section. (High-speed section, infrastructure of the "second level" - stations, terminals, cargo terminals, etc.).
  • The start of the SW high-speed system test complex construction;
  • Creation of the production bases not only in the Republic of Belarus, but also in other countries;
  • The work with customers from different countries for concluding contracts and receiving pre-orders for SW system targeted projects;
  • Creation of equipment for the pilot industrial development of the SW high-speed systems;


  • Continuation of works on the creation of bases with three test sections of SW systems (freight, urban and high-speed)
  • Completion of the SW system high-speed test complex;
  • Continuation of work with customers from different countries for concluding contracts and receiving pre-orders for SW system targeted projects;
  • Continuation of works on the creation of equipment for the development and operation of cargo, urban and high-speed SW systems;


  • Completion of construction, testing and certification of the SW system high-speed test complex;
  • Creation of the sales centre for the SW technology for high-speed (up to 500 km/h) transportation of passengers and cargo;
  • Conclusion of contracts for targeted projects of SW systems totaling at least $ 10 billion.
  • The holding's making profit and self-financing its development without raising equity capital.
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Who is creating SkyWay?
Who is creating SkyWay?
Yunitskiy Anatoliy Eduardovich
  • Author and General Designer of Yunitskiy String Technologies
  • Leader of two United Nations projects
  • Member of the Cosmonautics Federation of the USSR
  • Author of more than 150 inventions
  • Author of more than 20 monographs and more than 200 scientific works
  • Chairman of the Board of Directors, General Designer of CJSC "String Technologies" (Minsk, the Republic of Belarus) and the SkyWay international Group of Companies
Appeal from the President of the SkyWay Group of Companies Anatoliy Yunitskiy
A team of over 600 high-level specialists
We hire the best professionals to provide the highest quality engineering solutions for any project.
How is SkyWay being created?
Design Engineering Enterprise
The company consists of 15 design offices, each of which is headed by the Chief Designer. Here, the best specialists carefully design and calculate all details of the production of the rolling stock and the SkyWay track structure.
High-tech production
SkyWay production uses the most advanced and high-precision equipment that allows to accomplish tasks of any complexity. The company's arsenal has a set of tools used by world leaders: Haas equipment, Dassault Systèmes digital 3DExperience platform and other newest tools.
Testing and certification
The ready-made rolling stock is repeatedly tested at the EcoTechnoPark on the SkyWay track structure. After confirming compliance with all technical standards, the product is certified by the state authorities.
To see with their own eyes
Every year, thousands of people from all over the world come to the EcoTechnoParkto see the latest SkyWay developments with their own eyes.
EcoFest 2018
SkyWay Patents and Awards
SkyWay technology was approved by the Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation
The Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation recognized Yunitsky’s string transport technology as innovative, perspective and commissioned to start it testing in cooperation with the Industry Expertise Centre for Import-Substituting Technologies in Transport.
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